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February 15, 2020

Excel Tip: Viewing Formulas

To switch between viewing formulas use:

CTRL + ~

February 08, 2020

Excel Tip: The Format Painter Tool and Double Clicking.

Excel Paintbrush

What does the Format Painter do?

It allows you to copy the style (color, font etc.) and apply the styling of the cell to another cell. It just copies the style – not the text.

Where do I find it?

The format painter tool is available in the upper left corner of the ‘Home’ Tab in Microsoft Excel. You might already be familiar with single clicking on it.

What does the Tool do?

It allows you to copy the formatting from one cell (or a range of cells) to another cell (or range of cells). It’s especially useful if you have multiple formats applied to cells that you want to repeat else where. It’s copy and paste, but it only copies the format not the actual content of the cell. For example, if you had a cell formatted BOLD, with a blue cell color you wouldn’t have to repeat all the steps multiple times.

What’s the difference between single and double clicking?


When you single click on the format painter (image that looks like a paint brush) it allows you to copy the cell format to one or more contiguous cells ( cells that are next to one another).


When you double click on the painter you can copy the format to non-contiguous cells. So if there are gaps in the areas you want to format use the double click. NOTE: Excel will continuously apply the format until you click on the format painter icon again.

See it in action:

January 31, 2020

Requesting NYC Data

Sometimes data you want isn’t available. Here’s one way of obtaining it in NYC: .

January 28, 2020

Here Data Data Data

Where can I find data?

Maybe one day finding data will be easy. While a Google search or a Google Dataset Search for data is still a good option here are some websites that have public datasets:

Data Resources:

DataisFun has focused on NYC. The amount of data in NYC is great, but there are also other sources of data outside NYC. Above is a list of some of my favorites to share with others and reference for future analysis.

If you have awesome data suggestions. Please email them.

January 22, 2020

Weather in NYC

Adding weather info:

Below is the current weather in NYC using Darksky‘s HTML widgets. While they are simple and quick to use they are not fully customizable. One possible configuration is color. In the first chart, colors were changed to make the high temperatures red and the low temps blue to reflect the common color association. It would be desirable to compare weather across 2 or more cities. Currently there is no way of changing the axis on the temperature graph. While these widgets are fun, for a more detailed analysis the API, or additional weather data sources will need to be utilized.

September 14, 2019

Free Wi-fi providers in NYC

Data is from: .

Data contains : “The different providers in New York City of Public Wi-Fi at locations or ‘Hotspots”’distributed across the city, not including service provided on buses or ferries”.